Sunday, March 23, 2008


Yet, for all their forays on to the big screen, it is in music - and specifically the rock and punk scenes - where Converse have become so omnipresent that they are practically a uniform. And hence why, out of the nine icons featured in the ad campaign, six are musicians and another a former music journalist. Think of some of the most enduring rock'n'roll images ever captured and many will involve Converse, from the Ramones' All-Stars sticking out like canvas clown shoes at the ends of their drainpipe jeans, to the Blondie boys wearing them for their chic, monochrome line-up behind Debbie Harry on the cover of Parallel Lines. When the Strokes announced themselves to the world from the front cover of NME via a moody, black-and-white Pennie Smith portrait taken on the streets of New York, they did so in hi-tops.

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