Thursday, March 06, 2008

Random ten

1. A New England- Jamie T
2. Sweet Virginia- The Rolling Stones
3. Kickin' Against the Pr*cks- The Chavs
4. Saving My Face- KT Tunstall
5. M62 Song- Doves
6. I'm A Realist- The Cribs
7. Orange Crush- Editors
8. Push It- Garbage
9. Unstookie Titled- Babyshambles
10. Down- Miranda Lambert

11. Imagine- Madonna
12. Autobahn 66- Primal Scream

1 comment:

queen bee said...

omg can you send me jamie t doing a new england? mwah! and do i have that chavs? i must ...

and i am JUST listening to orange crush right now. did i mention today that i heart you? heart heart heart!