Thursday, March 13, 2008

Random ten

1. Saturday Superhouse- Biffy Clyro
2. Standing In In The Way Of Control- The Gossip
3. Rocking Chair- Oasis
4. If You Were There, Beware- Arctic Monkeys
5. Mathletics- Foals
6. I Am The Resurrection- The Stone Roses
7. We Used To Be Friends- Dandy Warhols
8. Up The Junction- Squeeze
9. Monster Love- Goldfrapp
10. Henrietta- The Fratellis

11. Oh My Gosh- Basement Jaxx
12. We Get On- Kate Nash

1 comment:

queen bee said...

HA HA HA HA oh this cracks me up. biffy. wee foal lads. wee kate. god, it's like, our lives the past year, played out.

i heart you.