Monday, March 17, 2008


Love the 'Babes....

The secret of the Sugababes' success, if there is one, involves a formula based on such variables as luck, talent, timing, personality, management, image, production and, in particular, some irresistible hit singles (Freak Like Me, Round Round). From the moment the trio appeared in September 2000, with the skewed, R&B-flavoured pop of their debut single Overload, it was clear they were strikingly different from the UK pop norm. In contrast to the shiny happy entertainers Steps and S Club 7, here were three sullen teenagers barely able to raise a smile between them. More importantly, here was a pop act that actually produced music worthy of attention. NME named Overload its single of the week, and the band have continued to make fresh, credible, memorable pop ever since.

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