Saturday, April 19, 2008


As promised, here is an installment in my series, College Stories From Cy.

Dumb Things My Guy Friends Did While Drunk And/Or Stoned.

Chapter 1- The Robitussin Incident

One evening, Casey, Wendy and I were out at the bar. Shocker, I know. We ran into our buddy, Ken, and decided to go to a house party over on Campus Ave. Ken's crib (he actually called it that) was close to the party site, so we headed there for a quick drink/potty pit stop before continuing on.

At Ken's, we saw his erstwhile roommate, John, laying face-down on the couch, and our friend, Jim, in a heap on the (disgusting) floor. I'm sure I made a tasteless Jonestown joke. We figured that they had been drinking/smoking, but then Casey spotted the two empty Robitussin bottles on the floor.

We were a bit concerned. Well, as concerned as very drunk people can be, so not at all. We were, however, keen to take advantage of our friends condition.

The girls and I laughed at them, while Ken went over to John and stole his smokes. John said (direct quote), "I see you taking my smokes, but I can't seem to find my arms." Then Jim leaped from a prone position to standing.

The drunk people were wigged out by this bizarre behavior, so we went on to the normal environment of a college kegger, leaving the syrup-addled people to reenact their own personal Dr. Gonzo/His Attorney scenes.

We hoped with less vomiting.

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