Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ahhh, family

There is a small, but vocal contingent of wingnuts in my family, which unfortunately includes both my brothers. They're oppressed, you know. It's impossible to understand how hard it is out there for straight, white, college-educated men.

Another winger is one of my uncles, a doctor, who is perpetually kept down by The Man. Or so one would think, the way he carries on. He made the mistake of sending an email forward to one of my cousins (with sense), casting doubt on Obama's fitness for the presidency.

My cousin, for lack of a better expression, bitch slapped him via email.

I like how that video implies that Obama is a Muslim, then points out that he is a member of some karay-zee black Christian church. And that was all in the first minute. One thing they definitely got right is that he is brown. Plus he doesn't wear a flag pin!?! What's next? No magnetic ribbon on the bumper of his car. What a fag. Not the patriotic-getting-blown-by some strange dude-in-the-mens-room-of-an-airport kind of fag either. I mean the doesn't-bomb-a-country-on-entirely-false-pretenses kind of sissy.

I know that these e-mails are only bait and I swallowed the whole thing. But as the fisherman that I know you are, I expected a better technique. This video was a lot like dynamiting a pond. It is the sort of thing that dumb rednecks do (believe).

Yours in Christ (Not the black, Muslim Christ. The other one.)

Dude. That was COLD. I wonder how my uncle is faring with his new asshole.

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