Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hee hee

Going to gift show for the shop this weekend. Two and a half solid days of gluttony, booze, shopping and me dragging the others around downtown Chicago looking for obscure Brit import Cd's. And music mags. And books.

You get the picture.

And the samples, DEAR LORD, the samples.

In order to entice the buyers, most vendors provide samples. And/or free drinkies. The best offer both. We at Iowa's Coolest Flower Shop are partial to
Archipelago Botanicals and Thymes Unlimited samples. Why?

1. They are posh
2. They are easily stolen obtained from their large containers in the showrooms

In other words, I'll be calling QB and Kaz all weekend, bragging about the prime samples/booze/muso/food frenzy J and I have embarked upon. And they'll just be dying of envy.

Wait, those beeotches are going to see Russell Brand's stand-up gig this weekend.


Never mind.


queen bee said...

i am not going to russell anymore -- vacay plans interfered and kazza was kind enough to sub in someone for my ticket, bless. BUT i do still want to get drunken calls and texts from chitown. love it.

Cygirl said...

Oh don't you worry, m'dear.

Cy+free drinkles=phone calls aplenty

Kazza said...

I can't believe Russell is coming still. I can't believe I have to sub in for the naughty nurses at Saturday night's bout. Am not prepared for the excitement and now it's coupled with another Cy trip to Chi-town!

Oh I'd send you to the bar there with the heavy metal themed burgers but that's not really your thing...