Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh my, this is hilarious

Local man wants to run for county supervisor on the Republican ticket. Party says no. Man persists. Party is uncomfortable, but can't do a thing about it.

Hilarity ensues.

(most hysterical bits in purple)

The Des Moines County Republican Central Committee won't be backing the party's lone candidate for a seat on the Des Moines County Board of Supervisors, according to Chairman Tom Broeker. And James Seaberg, 62, of Burlington believes he knows the reason."I'm not surprised. I don't look like the typical Republican candidate," he said. "They are putting too much emphasis on the fact I have long hair and not enough on trying to get a Republican elected."

Seaberg, who sports a long gray pony tail and opts for jeans over a suit, said the issue of his appearance came up shortly after he announced his candidacy.In an unofficial capacity, Seaberg said Broeker suggested he drop out of the race. He said the reasons given were a lack of experience in county politics and "he didn't like how I looked."

"He told me to cut my hair. I told him flat out that wasn't happening," Seaberg said. "He said he wasn't telling me that as a party official, just man to man. I think everyone should be allowed to run for office if they want. I think people should have a choice."

Upon the advice from Broeker, Seaberg said he suspended his campaign prior to the June 3 primary election. Despite leaving the race, Seaberg
failed to file paperwork with the county auditor's office that would remove his name from the ballot. He received 401 votes in the primary election.Last month, Seaberg announced he was re-entering the race.


Seaberg will face Democratic primary winners Dan Cahill of Burlington and incumbent Bob Beck of Danville in the Nov. 4 general election. Cahill, a retired attorney, received the most votes in the Democratic primary with 1,832 followed by Beck with 1,589. Incumbent supervisor Tim Hoschek fell 10 votes behind Beck.


As for Seaberg, he is ready for the campaign ahead. The political novice's background includes stints at a variety of jobs, including at Catfish Bend Casino and Burger King. Now, Seaberg said, he's ready to work for the people of Des Moines County.

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