Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My mom just forwarded me an email containing an alarming, ALARMING image of Barack Obama carrying a book by Fareed Zakaria entitled 'The Post-American World.' Containing the phrases-

" that Ramadan is over"

"I really hope the american* people see this."

" reading 'The Post-American World'--it's a Muslim's view."

First of all, anyone who would get worked up over something by Zakaria is obviously crazy. You couldn't get more middle-of-the-road. The book is a discussion not so much of the decline of the American empire, but the rise of China, Brazil, Russia et al.

Secondly, who did she get this from? Most of our family and friends are dirty hippies like ourselves, except for...

Ah HELL, Uncle Steve... you've an education. How could you possibly buy into this? Other than you started pissing yourself when Clinton got elected, and haven't stopped since? (the shitting himself commenced on 9-11-01)

*not my mistake. Was not capitalized. The writer obviously HATES AMERICA.

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