Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Among all characters in film, I most associate James Bond with my childhood. Nearly every other weekend, the other kids and I would sit around the teevee with Dad, and watch at least one Bond flick.

(And usually a Mel Brooks production, but we're not discussing my love for 'Blazing Saddles' here at this very moment, so stay on topic, eh?)

I remember giggling with my cousins about 'Octopussy' and various other (bad) double entendres in the films. Oh, and 'Jaws' the henchman. He kicked all sorts of ass.

In more recent years, my mom*, sister and I have grown closer because of 'Casino Royale' and our shared Thing for Daniel Craig.

We do love a bit of Northern rough. See Bean, Sean.

this discussion of the best Bond theme songs was quite interesting to me. I personally am a Bassey purist** (as are the Arctic Monkeys), but one of my favs is 'You Know My Name' by Chris Cornell for the aforementioned 'Casino Royale.' It's stirring, sexy and vaguely dangerous-sounding.

Perfect for James.

*my mother*** may have a picture of Daniel in his blue swim trunks hanging in her office. My dad pretends not to notice.

**mostly due to my high school choir director's influence. We sang A LOT of Bassey tunes. Yes, the thought of corn-fed Iowa girls belting out 'Big Spender' is fucking hilarious, why do you ask?

***When Jeffery Wright appeared onscreen in 'Casino Royale,' my mom breathed, "HELLO, FELIX." Her older brother, my uncle Don, had all the Ian Fleming novels...

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queen bee said...

love it! gong to see tomorrow night.