Saturday, November 08, 2008


My family gathered this weekend to "clean up" the timber (forest on our land) for deer hunting season, which begins in December. Since half of us are pinko Commies and the other started-shitting-themselves-on-September-11-2001-and-have-yet-to-stop-Republicans, well... just say we Trotskyites were really, really, REALLY looking forward to this weekend.

Several things-

1. The aforementioned Repubs walked into the dining room wearing t-shirts saying "Palin 2012." I don't know what reaction they were expecting, but I don't think it was hysterical laughter.

2. One of my cousins (insane) was spouting the party line about how Obama was going to take everyone's guns away. One of my other cousins (non-insane) told him,

"If at the end of Obama's second term, gun ownership is illegal, I WILL GIVE YOU A THOUSAND BUCKS."


Cousin Bill for the win.

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