Monday, November 24, 2008

The old man and the beer

Last weekend, my girl Stace was in town and we went out for drinkies and dinner. After a lovely meal, we adjourned to the bar in the local restaurant, where we proceeded to chat for hours.

Then, we got company.

Now, Stace and I are not unattractive young women in our early 30s, well dressed, have all our original teeth, etc... so we attracted a fair amount of attention from the codger contingent propping up the bar.

I don't mind, since said oldies generally buy drinks for cute girls, and hey, it's free alcohol. I don't care what this says about my personality. FREE DRINKS. And they usually leave you alone. Win/win situ, y'all.

Anyway, my point.

The waitress brought us over a Bud Light draw (me) and vodka tonic (Stace) and pointed to the guy that purchased them for us. Then he came over, pulled up a chair, and attempted to hit on us. We were not 'aving it. The free drinks, yes. The aging-more-rapidly-than-he-thinks farmer? Nyet.

My parents were young when they got married (18) and had me (20), so anyone 10 years older than me... getting uncomfortably close to the ages of the parentals. And this dude graduated 2 years after my mom.

Whenever I'm confronted with this situation I simply start talking about my dad and my uncles. A lot. (we're pretty well known around here).

Sends out the signal- "Dude, you're slightly younger than my freaking DAD. ICKY."

Works like a charm.


mrs. simon alexander neil said...

But Lemmy? He's my dad's age. And I might hit it.

Cy said...

You're a sick woman,Kaz. LEMMY????

I would make an exception. One.


Mmmmm. Modalicious.

Jim said...

And then there's the sad old men who sidle up to you on the web (sans beer)!! Me? I look young for my age... Nice piece on the child funeral. I had a nightmare a few years ago that my son had died - I woke sobbing and distraught, and that was just a dream, I really can't, and don't want to, imagine the pain.
Yours is the only text blog I read - I think there's a compliment in there somewhere. And no that's not a pick-up line. Unless it works?