Monday, December 01, 2008

Does anyone else have conversations like these with their mother?

Working closely with ones parent... not exactly an ideal job situ. But you know, I'm pretty lucky. Mom and I get along very well, actually like gangbusters.

It's not always perfect- I'm a bit morose occasionally, she can be overly ADHD around holidays. But we generally work very companionably together.

Our conversations do tend to be, um, ATYPICAL for a mother and daughter.

For example, take today. We discussed-

1. How the hell People magazine could have overlooked the cast of 'Skins' in the photo spread on the hottest whippersnappers under 25 in the annual 'Sexiest Man Alive' issue.

2. Who would we rather hang out with- R. Kelly or Prince. We decided (if in a controlled environment), definitely R. Kelly. He may be an abhorrent human being, but we think Prince might be a bit of a prick.

Seriously, it's completely hilarious.

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