Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jake and Lloyd

It's not just me,that has obsessed over Jake Ryan and Lloyd Dobler, then. Who's better? Lloyd, though Jake has a better car. And is friends with Farmer Ted. But, the argument can be made that Lloyd runs around with The Piven. This is difficult!

If I was actually being honest about John Cusack characters that I would date, I'd have to say Rob "High Fidelity" Gordon or Martin "Grosse Pointe" Blank. Yes, I realize that Martin is a hitman. But he listens to The Jam!

This is more important to me, than the obvious-ethical-quandary-of-dating-an -assassin-type problems that I would experience. Not to mention the difficulties of dating a fictional character. Welcome to my morally (and reality) ambivalent world.

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