Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Very funny

This made me laugh very, very hard. Mostly because, back in the day, in my hometown's youth group, we were encouraged to sign a pledge to not indulge in any, ahem, out-of-wedlock-type behaviors teenagers are wont to indulge in.

After my best friend and I watched the town tramp (who made Regina in 'Mean Girls' look like Laura Ingalls Wilder) and her associates walk up to the front of the church and turn in their respective pledges, we decided that, hell, we were 16. Who knew what was going to happen? (Despite our being extremely 'good' girls at that point. Well, in body, though not in mind, for sure. Again, we were 16).

I, for one, was not willing to risk eternal damnation, because I wanted to suck up, figuratively, of course, to a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites. Haven't regretted this at all, even to this day.

Footnote- The aforementioned town tramp? Wound up knocked up 2 years later. Couldn't narrow it down who the father was.

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