Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I could not be happier at this moment

Great things that happened today:

1. Arrived at Traci's on time to pick her up for road trip
2. Successfully purchased wine for store
3. Did not wreck delivery vehicle on Interstate while driving at rapid speeds with 10 cases of vino in the back
4. Got the following new Brit music mags, Q- with Oasis! on the cover, Uncut- with The! Stone! Roses! on the cover, and the new NME (alas, with Razorlight on the cover)
5. Recieved my B&N order, with the following items-
a. Joy Division- Unknown Pleasures
b. Happy Mondays- Platinum Hits
c. The Jam- The Complete Jam DVD set
6. Remembered Casey Jo's b-day with lovely gift
7. Discovered on aforementioned Mondays' CD an absolutely awesome cover of Stayin' Alive. Yes, That One by the Bee Gees.
8. Am currently watching Young! Wellah! in the 'Town Called Malice' video. Mmmm, mods.

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