Saturday, May 27, 2006

The only possible way

that Primal Scream's new single, 'Country Girl,' could kick more ass, would be if you heard it performed live in an outdoor bar in the Deep South, with a whole bunch of Anglophiles who appreciate the Screamers, on a hot, muggy summer evening with a million stars overhead and an ice-cold beer in your hand. The beer should be wrapped in a napkin or a brown paper bag, so the 'sweat' doesn't make your hand overly cold.

Jumping up and down, full of the sheer wonder of being alive, drunk and listening to rock and roll as it should be played. Most of the time. I can just see Joy trying to teach me how to move my upper and lower halves in a relatively-coordinated way (dance) for the millionth time. Poor thing, she's certainly tried.

That's what the song sounds like to me.

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