Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Holiday premiere

Though the Go Fug girls chose to focus on the tragic outfit that Cameron Diaz wore to the premiere of her new movie, The Holiday, I feel they missed an opportunity with the get-up that (alleged) stylist Rachel Roy wore to the same event.

Where to start? The coat with the rumpled hem and weird leather trim? Too many necklaces? The pulled-back hair which is much to severe for such a grandma-esque look? Gray handbag with an otherwise brown ensemble? Not to mention that she appears to have forgotten her skirt, but not in a saucy Cleaver-flirting-with-Jones way. Yikes.....

Hold on, Elroy. I think this is THE Rachel Roy that is married to music-type dude Damon Dash, whom I believe is quite successful. Despite the
fact that-if he is whom I think he is- he produced Posh's last (unsuccessful) solo album. Rachel! You have money! Get A Tailor. And also, gray and brown? Not so much.

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