Thursday, November 30, 2006

Baby, It's Cold Outside

As it will be December soon, here in the upper Midwest, the weather is starting to turn freezing-ass cold. (Yikes, December starts in about an hour. Crap, I really need to get cracking on my present-buying/requesting).

Due to a front moving through, we're supposed to get between 4 to 304 inches of snow tonight. Though it hasn't started to snow yet, the news channels have begun their "Breaking News" updates. We've no snow yet, but lots of breaking news.

All is well here, though. I have a Kashwere robe, DSL, a snuggly kitty cat and an electric blanket to keep me warm. Those aren't going to do a DAMN thing for me when I have to go to work tomorrow, though. Shit.

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