Monday, March 26, 2007

Don't mind me

I'm just going to be sitting in the corner over here, not so quietly losing my mind.

Key members of legendary eighties Manchester band The Stone Roses are to get back together this coming weekend for charity.

Ian Brown and Mani - now with Primal Scream, are to get back together for the Versus Cancer benefit gig, which takes place at the MEN Arena this Friday (30 March).

Event organiser and former Smiths Bass Player Andy Rourke has told Music Week that: "Both Mani and Hooky are going to be doing something with Echo and the Bunnymen, Mani's going to be doing something with Ian Brown, and the grand finale's going to be quite special."

Last year at the Versus Cancer gig, there was an all-star performance of 'W.F.L' by The Mondays as the finale. The statement by Andy could mean that same thing was happening again.

However, it could also mean reunion. And me actually dying of jealousy.

via The Music Slut

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