Saturday, March 31, 2007


Warning- I'm quite whiny.

I'm having a completely shitty week. Why?

*The weather has changed to spring, and my hair has gone from its lovely fall and winter-wavy state to sticking your finger in an electric socket-frizzy. Damn humidity.

*My cat ran in front of me, causing me to stub my toes really badly and now my foot is all swollen. Damn cat.

*No news source on the Internets has up the setlist from the Manchester v. Cancer concert last night. Damn reporters.

*My parents and my aunts and uncles are going through my grandparents things, and deciding who gets what. The only thing, the only fucking thing, that I wanted was a Japanese battle flag that my grandpa acquired, I don't want to know how, in WWII. My fucking cousin, who didn't even go to either of his grandparents funerals, got it instead. Because he was in the military. (not at the time of the funerals- he's the ass, not me)

Big woo. I was a history major. I know, lame, but I really wanted it, and he's a jackass. Damn relatives.

The only bright spot is that while my dad ran distraction on the others, my mom grabbed a ruby ring of Grandma's and the picture that Grandpa took in New Guinea of a woman nursing a piglet. For reals.

Okay, that's over with.

Naptime. It's rainy, and there's very little I love more than rainy afternoon naps.

Well, maybe Carl
Barat and Anthony Rossomondo, but not by much.


Kazza said...

Oh I know what you are saying about the flag. My mom told me she had set aside some old sort of junky but fun cigarette cases or something of my grandmother's when they cleaned out the house. And my uncle, who gave my grandparents so much shit, claimed them. I was so pissed!

In fact I'm still pissed, even though he died years ago of a stroke. Bastard took my cases!

And I had a dream last night that I was in SF and Anthony was my real boyfriend. I was concerned he was getting enough to eat since they were on a really tight per diem. My sweet Anto.

Cygirl said...

Thanks, Kaz. My new ring is suuuwheeet, but I still want that fucking flag. Mom also snagged a bunch of religious items that I think are totally cool- not from a religious perpective, but more from associated memories from childhood thing. Believe me, I'm not going to use the tiny Holy Water font, but it's so adorable.

And completely changing the subject, I'm jealous of that dream. Maybe if I concentrate really hard, I'll have one with Carlos.