Saturday, March 10, 2007

New obsessions, late nite edition

So as previously mentioned, The Bees have turned me into a Dirty Pretty Things fan. Especially Anthony "Stanley" Rossamondo. And, obviously, Carl "Carlos" Barat. The appeal of the former cannot be more clearly stated than in this post of Odd Bee's. Isn't he darling?

And let me give a "Laurel and Hardy handshake" to the boy-love thing. Mmmm.....

Why we love Stanley so....

This is why we started to love Stanley immediately after the concert where we had full intentions to just worship Mr. Barat. (The first photo where Miss Odd Bee said hmmm, I'm glad I stood on the right side of the stage!)

1. With those curls, he totally fits into our whole Dogs In Space era Michael Hutchence thing.

2. Those curls.

3. He and Carlos love each other and we love Boy Love.

4. Kate was after him and he did hang with her one night and then later admitted he had spent a little too long in her company. HA HA

5. Those curls.

6. He's a Connecticut Yankee and part of the Boston scene (where I lived for five years) so he's our boy.

7. Want a sandwich?

This concludes our ode to Anthony "Stanley" Rossomando.

As you were.


Miss Odd Bee said...

God Lord I have created a monster!

A good monster, though. Sort of like Grover or Cookie Monster.

A Stanley Monster!

queen bee said...

that's fine, obsess over stan. go ahead, please.

the barat is mine.

Cygirl said...

He's dead sexy. If only he had an accent. Then I would be killed dead.