Saturday, March 10, 2007


The following is why I love Athenae from First Draft. There are very few people who can rant as coherently as she.

The piece she's having kittens about? Said that Hillary Clinton could take some lessons from Katie Couric. Yes, it makes my head hurt, too.

Diplomacy, intelligence, and genuine leadership abilities a plus.

THEY'RE NECESSITIES. Jesus Christ with a root beer popsicle, they're fucking necessities in the presidency. Woodrow Wilson was a sexist asshole. Bill Clinton fucked around on his wife. George Washington, even by the standards of the day, was pretty fugly. Abraham Lincoln was not the dude you'd invite to your party to liven it up. Yet: smart guys. Leaders. Their "diplomacy, intelligence, and genuine leadership abilities" weren't "pluses," they were reasons they succeeded in the job. These things aren't optional in our candidates. They aren't like getting a spoiler on the back of your car. They're the fucking transmission.

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