Thursday, April 12, 2007

An aside

Today, I did something unprecedented.

I cut all my hair off. I needed a change, and decided the Pob was the way to go. My lovely hairstylist, Kayla, took about 7 inches off the back. I'm still freaking out, obviously.

Though after experimentation with my flat iron, I'm much cheered that it looks sleek and sophisticated, not Pansy Parkinson as feared.

I know this sounds SO superficial, but I've not had short hair since, um, 1988, so this is a big deal to me.


Kazza said...

What was up with yesterday? Pete and Carl reunite... you chop your hair off...

queen bee said...

sounds so LIBERating! good for you.

Cygirl said...

It is interesting that the day I was LIBERated from long hair, that Peter and Carlos nearly caused a riot.

It's like the stars were aligned or something.