Friday, April 20, 2007

For Christ's Sake

Facing pressure from their fellow students plus city and university officials, the University of Iowa College Republicans on Wednesday canceled a planned game in an Iowa City park that would focus on the illegal immigration issue.


The game, similar to Capture the Flag, would pit two teams representing illegal immigrants and the U.S. Border Patrol competing to cross a dividing line representing the U.S.-Mexico border. The "illegal immigrants" caught crossing the line by the "border patrol" team would then be sent to "jail."

The first announcement of the game, planned as part of a weeklong "coming out" by the College Republicans, generated protests.


Other events for "Conservative Coming Out Week" will honor former Presidents Herbert Hoover and Ronald Reagan. A Support Our Troops Barbecue will demonstrate backing for President Bush.


1.It's been done. The asshat College Repubs at NYU tried this earlier this year. If you're going to be jackasses, be ORIGINAL jac

2. College Republicans at Iowa? How many is that? 10 people?

3. "Conservative Coming Out Week." They might want to rephrase that.


Are they shitting me? Come the fuck on! I know that we Iowegians don't have many internationally recognizable politico-type people to ch
oose from, but again, they might want to reconsider this one.

Two words- Great Depression.

Why not honor John Wayne? They could get their wank on over the Duke. More so than with Herbert. Because Marion was so manly and all.

5. You know how they could truly support our troops? BY MOTHERFUCKING ENLISTING.

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