Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sounds good!

Four stars from The Guardian. My copy has been pre-ordered for some time.

Can't wait for next Tuesday! GO LADS!

Even by the standards of the Arctic Monkeys - a band preoccupied with puncturing expectations, as only people saddled with unrealistic expectations can be - the single that heralds the follow-up to the biggest-selling debut album in British history is a deflating experience.


The same is true of Only Ones Who Know and 505. The former is a touching portrait of a couple in the first flush of fresher's week romance, searching for a party, while the latter discusses how touring plays havoc with one's love life. It's so heartfelt and riven with insecurity that it transcends the dreary genre to which it should by rights belong, that of songs in which rock stars complain about being rock stars. That stuff this mature and thoughtful was written by someone barely 21 years old genuinely gives you pause for thought.

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