Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Back when Alias was still on network TV, my must-read every week was Erin's recap of the show on Television Without Pity. Anyone who came up with the nicknames "Spy Barbie" and "Spy Daddy" is okay by me. And she had an appreciation for the hawtness that was one Mr. Julian Sark. Mmmmmm, Sarky.

So, imagine my delight when I discovered that she has her own blog! YAY! And it contains things like this-

For almost a year now, I have been sleeping on one of these motherfucking pieces of shit mattresses.

You know how it is. Or, you would know, if you’ve ever moved from, well, anywhere else to the lovely island of Manhattan. You have to get rid of EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER OWNED because NOTHING YOU OWN will EVER FIT into the SMALLEST FUCKING APARTMENT ON THE PLANET. This doesn’t just mean you give your books to your friend and leave your 36-inch tube TV on someone else’s credenza — wait, scratch that, on YOUR credenza because, hi, THAT SHIT WON’T FIT IN YOUR APARTMENT EITHER so you give it ALL to your friend because at least SHE will be able to get years of enjoyment out of it — oh, no.

It means you donate antique furniture to the Salvation Army, including a lovely library table that belonged to your parents for, like, thirty years, and a chest of drawers that held your father’s clothes for at least fifteen years; you throw every last piece of IKEA furniture you hauled all the way from Chicago to Charleston out onto the curb and watch as your neighbors pilfer said pieces almost as quickly as you leave them out there; and you bag up 95% of your wardrobe because you are going to move to a place where, not only are eight pairs of shabby capri pants and 3/4-sleeve blouses in various sherbet-toned colors totally inappropriate for the Big Apple, YOU WILL NOT HAVE ROOM FOR THEM ANYWAY, SO JUST GIVE THEM TO THE DAMN HOMELESS ALREADY.

TWOP was a incubator for my favorite writers. Who else started there? The Right Honorable Heather and Jessica GoFugYourself, who were in charge of recapping 7th Heaven.


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