Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Things that make me go squee!

Oasis will enter London's Abbey Road studios on November 5 to record their seventh album. They have already completed work on two songs set for the album, and have demoed the rest.

On a related note, here's a funny story. Last week, the flower shop had a very large wedding, which coincided with 3 of the other designers being out of town. Which left me and Jen- both huge Oasis fans- left to run the shop.

Friday night at about 8PM, we decided to take a break and watch the following clip. Well, as we were getting the YouTube keyed up, the speakers were acting wonky. I leaned forward to adjust them, and hit the keyboard with my boob. Then everything went sideways. Literally. I apparently hit the Control-Alt-down arrow combo....

It's quite telling that J and I continued to watch the clip, sideways. We're fans. And obviously, were reaching maximum punchiness at that point. This is shortly after we were dancing to 'Chelsea Dagger.' Okay, that's a daily occurrence. Singing to 'Shoot The Runner'? No, that's not uncommon.

Good Lord, are we constantly like that? Oh, dear.....

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