Saturday, October 27, 2007

Well, that's over with

Today, the flower shop that I work at did a rather large wedding. Unlike most of the seven bridesmaid weddings we've done, the wedding party wasn't ginormous, but we had a lot of centerpieces for the reception. 30, actually.

(Now my girl Jen, being all practical and shit, would tell you that 10 of those were very simple and easy to put together, but she's not the one telling this story, is she? And I'm a big old drama queen and have the medals to prove it).

I have been SO paranoid about this week. SO. PARANOID. Why? Because my mom, the shop owner, has been out of town since Wednesday AM, and two of the other designers were gone after 5PM yesterday.

Again, why was I paranoid? Because I assumed that the combination of Big Wedding+Designers Out Of Town would equal F-U-N-E-R-A-L-S.* Faaaaaaarrrrr too tempting for Whomever controls these things. And very little can ratchet up the crazy like a

Luckily, this did not come to pass.

So, this morning. Thank Whomever my youngest brother had the good sense to propose to a lovely girl that works in a floral shop in their college town, and that they came back this weekend. Because his fiance? Is a darling girl, a hard worker, and best of all, takes direction really, really well. So Jen and I put her to work doing the piddly shit that we didn't want to do. And bless, she did it. Quickly. And then asked us what else we needed. I love this girl, though I worry about her marrying said brother, since he's a bigger drama queen than I am.

And Jen and I had the massive advantage of our best friends from childhood and beyond having remarkably low thresholds for fun. Traci and Stacie LIKE working at the shop. AND they have common sense, which as you may know, is not common. So our girls ran the shop while we set up. They are lovely. Not to mention, I came back to a completely immaculate store.** Let me stress this. LOVELY.

So, it was mainly we two who did the wedding pieces. It's safe to say that we got a bit punchy last night. And this morning. There was much singing to Oasis, The View, Kasabian and The Fratellis. Badly on my part. Bit of dancing, too. Again, badly on my part.

Since we had so many reception pieces, we needed 3 vehicles to deliver them- the store delivery van, a van we borrowed from a local dealership (where my family gets all of their vehicles) and my dad's truck, Old Blue.

I drove the pickup. This is hilarious. Why? Let's just say, I'm not exactly a truck-type of girl. And it's really tall. I'm 5'9, and I have to jump up a bit to get in it. So, picture this- woman with a Posh Beckham bob hairdo, charcoal gray sweater, wide-legged dark denim jeans and ballet flats jumping into a Dodge Ram 4X4. A farm truck. Trust me, I looked a dork.

Since it's ancient, Old Blue doesn't have a CD player, so I was forced to listen to the radio. I was dreading this (am used to Sirius Satellite Radio). I shouldn't have worried- on the way to the wedding, I heard the following-

-'Crazy Train'- Ozzy Osbourne
-Kickstart My Heart'- Motley Crue (hells yes)
-'Big Pimpin'- Jay-Z
-'Should I Stay Or Should I Go?'- The Clash
-'Stronger'- Kanye West

I find it perversely enjoyable to listen to rap in my dad's vehicle. Bit different from my usual Brit indie fare, but variety is the spice of life.

Most everything went off without a hitch. I think this is mostly to do with Jen's being a much better person than I am. She has WAY more karma points built up.

And now it's over. Thank Christ.

*F-U-N-E-R-A-L-S are the Voldemort of the floral world. You Do Not Say That Word Unless You Are Prepared For The Consequences.

**and we did have an order that came in for one in the neighboring town right before we left for the wedding. So I had to go back to the shop, and complete the order AFTER we were done with setting up. I was so tired by this point, I'm not sure I should have been driving.


Kazza said...

Well done! And you can't beat Kickstart My Heart. Man that song is so bad I think I have to download it now. HA HA

Cygirl said...

It was hilarious- my dork self rocking out in a 4X4...