Tuesday, November 20, 2007

As recently noted,

this past week or so has been a bit wild. We had a wonderful open house at the shop (thank fuck), despite Mom being AWOL, and everything seemed to be working in an orderly fashion. Note the "seemed."

And yes, I'm writing this at 5AM. Just woke up from my nap.

Jen and Denise have informed me that if I show up at work on Tuesday, they're going to beat the crap out of me. They totally wouldn't, because Jen would feel too guilty about it....(love you, doll)! As I've fallen asleep in front of the computer 3 times this week, they were a bit concerned.

When Traci, my best friend since forever, came into the shop today, I thought, "Dude, she's going for most valued customer." Because she was just in yesterday. However, girlfriend came bearing horrible news. The kind of news that makes a florist cringe. A young, tragic and unexpected death. During a holiday week.

We all have so many family connections to the deceased, it's not even funny. And it isn't.

So, upon receiving this news, I immediately swung into crisis mode. What is crisis mode? I always follow this list-

1. Assess what we have in the cooler for fresh flowers; check out front for green plants
2. Figure out what we would potentially need
3. Call the warehouses with orders

The holiday on Thursday throws a monkey wrench into everything.... our warehouses do not deliver on holidays. Also, we don't know yet when the services are going to be. If the visitation is today (which we don't think will happen), this means that instead of sleeping all morning, starting to cook for Thanksgiving and watching my
new Oasis DVD, I will be going into work in 3 hours.

And now, I'm fucking panicking, because I forgot to order another case of leather leaf. Shit. That's somewhat important. Can't design without it....

Today. Let's all hope that doesn't happen.


Kazza said...

Yikes - good luck!

Dr. Dre's on his way over.

Cygirl said...

Well, I'd be getting fuck all done then....

No downside there....