Monday, January 28, 2008

Lago Grey, Patagonia

Lago Grey, Patagonia, originally uploaded by FlyNutAA.

One of the places on earth I would most like to visit. Patagonia. Why yes, I do watch a lot of 'Globetrekker,' why do you ask?

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Kazza said...

The other night I watched Man vs Wild and Bear G was there. He got all wet in this glacier chute thing and then had to get out and take off his clothes and dry them out and then he did these nude pushups and jumping jacks and it was the best TV ever made.

He SO did that on purpose and I was laughing my ass off. They all fuzzied up the bits which was probably smart because you know it's really fucking cold out there on the Patagonian glacier. (And make sure you pronounce glah-cier properly.)