Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My day

It's been interesting..... today's events-

-Left for work this AM-50 degrees. It is now 6. With a windchill factor of -17.

-ran to town and got Jen's birthday presents. Did a rather great job, if I do say so myself. They're shiny. Her favorite color.

-since I was already in town, had to run to the mall and get the new copy of Spin. The one with Peter on the cover. And has pictures of The World's Best-Looking Rhythm Section within. Oh, and Mik. Bless his scary-eyed heart. As it is rather expensive, it would be bad to waste gas. And I'm virtuous. That way.

-delivered several arrangements to a town nearby that is, shall we say, a bit pink around the collar. Saw the craziest thing ever. Somebody has several hand-lettered signs in their front yard related to political issues. They say-

-"A Vote For A Democrat Is A Vote For The Islamofacists"
(awww, somebody watches Fox Noise)

-"Barak Obama Is The Anti Christ" (actual spelling)

- something about Ollie North. (I have no idea what it said- was about pissing myself laughing at that point)

Wouldn't you be PLEASED if this was your neighbor? There's your typical level of crazy. Like wheeling yourself around in a wagon like that dude in 'Evening Shade.'

Then there's the making-signs-for-your-front-yard-about-the-perceived-Anti-Christ- crazy. And that's not just crazy. That's Krazee.

Such is a typical day round he-yah.


Kazza said...

Ain't America grand?

Yay Dre hotness!

Yay shiny presents!

Cygirl said...

And Cutie Pie cuteness!