Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Awwww, lads.

They do love their costumes. Bless.

Arctic Monkeys won the Best British Band award at the Brit Awards 2008 tonight (February 20) in London.The band were dressed up in traditional English rural clothing for the event, resembling old fashioned farmers, sporting brown wellies and flat caps.

“Thank you everybody. We’re the Arctic Monkeys. We are the most fantastic,” said front-man Alex Turner, before blowing a large horn he had brought on stage into the microphone.


Kazza said...

OK that's funny.

Cygirl said...

Nothing can top last year- they sent in a video-taped acceptance speech where they were dressed as characters from 'The Wizard Of Oz.' Cookie was Dorothy.

And I must say, Mr. Matty Helders looks quite natty here.

*pinches cheek*

Kazza said...

Oh yeah I forgot about that! And I remember that journo who was half drunk on the TV interview after that - classic!!!