Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Kids Are Alright

Today was the day that the kids attending local proms picked up their flowers from the shop. It was a little after 2 (when we normally close), and we heard someone pull up outside.

A local boy, whose father owns a junkyard, had pulled into the parking lot in a semi. A sparkling clean semi. I mean, that fucker had been waxed, so you just know that's what the kid was driving tonight. He popped in to pick up his flowers, pleased as punch. We tried not to giggle or hug him. It was that cute.

This is why we love prom. I may currently be so exhausted that I just struggled with the spelling of "pleased" for a few moments, but the kids are generally awesome.

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Kazza said...

That is so cute. I was actually thinking about all your little prom kids today when I was driving home from my soccer game.