Saturday, June 07, 2008

My day

In chronological order-

1. Left to go set up a wedding in a tiny town 8 miles to the west of Iowa's Coolest Flower Shop. Notice the sky looks quite ominous. Clouds were a very weird color. Look at the temperature. 86 degrees outside.

2. Get 5 miles out. The sky opens up, and it starts raining cats, dogs, lions, tigers and bears, OH MY! And the odd rhinoceros.

3. Call Mom at the shop to ask if there are any warnings regarding the weather. She didn't think there were any. Look at the temp. 80 degrees.

4. Get to the wee country church. It is now raining the aforementioned animals, plus elephants, wombats and badgers. Sprint in to the church to set up, rather difficult in flip flops. By the time I make it into church, I look like I've taken a lengthy shower with my clothes on. 75 degrees.

5. Drive two blocks to reception site. Add giraffes, monkeys and emus to the list of animals. All the venue's doors are locked.


6. Successfully find one unlocked door. I set everything up, and headed back to town, stopping at the grocery store on my way home. The storm that I set up in? Produced tornadoes all over, including one riiiiiiight by my house. No damage, though.

7. Get home. Decide that since I'm already soggy and disgusting, I might as well be sweaty, too.

(I lost my mind and signed up for this earlier in the week. As am hopeless slackass, the training regimen that my marathon-running sister put me on is KILLING ME DEAD).

8. Today is a 3 mile excursion. Get to 1.5 mile marker. Am joyous. Full of pride. I *can* do this.

9. Look up at sky. See sheets of rain beginning to fall about a mile away.


Take off at a dead sprint. Okay, a spastic jog. Terrified walk? Make it to within a half mile of house. Starts raining the giraffes, monkeys and emus-variety of rain.

10. Arrive at house, nearly puking, soaking wet and mildly traumatized by the thunder and lightning. I looked REAL cute.

On a much lighter note, this is the "bar" at the reception. Yes, those are cases of beer. 4 varieties, actually.

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Kazza said...

HA HA LOVE the beer setup. HAHAHA

THAT'S the way to have a wedding.