Wednesday, July 09, 2008

This is

case in point why I don't read 'Rolling Stone' on a regular basis anymore.

(the online version)

Toby Keith’s New Film: “It’s Not All Wagon Wheels and Bales of Hay”

Oh Claire Forlani, how you've fallen...


Rush Never Sleeps, Plus the Complete Album Guide

God, I'm getting all twitchy (and not in a good way) thinking about 'Tom Sawyer.' Or 'Freewill.' Yergh. Too many associated memories with overly earnest, Ayn Randian college boyfriends.



queen bee said...

totally agree. was a subscriber all thru the formative years, ha ha. now i don't touch the thing. it's dinosaur turf.

Cygirl said...

Matt Taibbi is a great political writer there, but the online staff is, uh, rather limited in talent.

They thought Glasto was in Scotland, I shit you not.