Friday, July 11, 2008

Today in "embarassing"

Slow day at the shop today, and everyone else had gone home, leaving me to close up. Upon hearing a prime bit of gossip from a customer, I called my mom to tell her said bit of gossip.

My cell phone did one of those things where it doesn't ring, but the other person picks up, thus startling you when you hear a voice on the other end...

Did that make sense? Whatever.

When I'm by myself at the shop, I tend to listen to music that I'd not put on if there were other people around. Things that, shall we say, are in-tune-challenged.

Unfortunately for me in this case, Mom was treated to my vocal stylings on 'Horrorshow' by The Libs.

Specifically, the "I'm following your mind's instructions, on how to slowly, sharply screw myself to death" part.

She may actually still be giggling about this.


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Cygirl said...

At least it wasn't 'What A Waster,' which I had been shouting along to not 5 minutes before...