Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh joy

The whole family is descending upon the house this weekend, minus my brother-in-law, who had to work.

While I'm excited to see my nieces and nephew, I'm less excited to see my brothers simply because we do NOT agree politically AT ALL. (They're of the oppressed white man persuasion).

And there's absolutely nothing happening on the political front this week.


My sis (who is a dirty hippie like myself) and I have decided that we're just going to laugh at them. We can't change their minds, so we're going to make fun of them.

"Gee, ______! You're a college-educated, straight white male. However HAVE you succeeded in the corporate world with the man keeping you down and all?"

We're guessing we're going to be stabby by Saturday night.


i am the mountain said...

Is stabby a word? Cos I like it.

Cygirl said...

It is. The Jezebel ladies came up with it.

Brilliant, no?

i am the sea said...

It works for me!