Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today in "unintended consequences"

At Iowa's Coolest Flower Shop, my girl, J, and I have been after my mom (our boss) for months to buy us a new glue pan- used for silk floral arrangements and other craftiness.

Our old one was on its last legs (literally) and took AGES to heat up to a somewhat acceptable temperature. Mom finally caved last week and bought a new one. YAY! Joyous shouts rang out throughout the land! Choirs of angels sang! All that!

Today I was creating a silk fall wreath, a veritable seasonal masterpiece of harmonious colors and pleasing shapes- designed to put one in the most "fall"-est of moods, when-

1. The phone rang

2. I was momentarily distracted. Unfortunately, this was directly after I dipped a silk leaf in the hot glue

3. Because of the distraction, I dripped some of the F*CKING HOT GLUE on my finger

4. Words, most of them obscene, others invoking various deities, nearly escaped my mouth

5. Ran to sink, ran cold water on burn

6. Then had to peel cool glue off really F*CKING BURNED SKIN. Which, as you may guess, DOES NOT FEEL PLEASANT

I now have a humdinger of a 2nd degree burn on my finger.

What really twists me is this- if we wouldn't have whined and complained as badly as we (read- I) did, I would have been using the old glue pan which didn't heat well, and I wouldn't HAVE A REALLY NASTY BURN ON MY FINGER. F*CK!


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