Wednesday, October 08, 2008


When being totally honest, everyone has something about themselves they'd like to change. Bad hair, foot odor, crap sense of humor, flatulence, et al...

Me? One would think I'd like to have a concave stomach or an actual arse (rather than have total flatness from the waist down), but you'd be wrong there.

I want to be a pretty crier. Someone who evokes sympathy, empathy, rather than "Dear GOD, how has her face swollen to that level? She's all blotchy and sneezy! And how can she keep her eyes open when they're so puffy?"

Seriously, I turn into Orry in 'North and South' when I cry.


Kazza said...

This right here proves why you and I are friends.

I don't know anyone else other than my mother who knows exactly what you are talking about when you reference Orry Main crying in North and South. Wow. I'm floored.

Cygirl said...

May I point out that I don't have huge bits of snot shooting out of my nose when crying messily. Kthanx.

We were somehow seperated at birth, Kaz. We know this.