Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Tina Fey is so awesome, it defies description. And now she's writing a book. Which benefits school libraries.

Be still my heart.

But last month, everything changed. Tina Fey's newfound mega-celebrity may be the only good thing to have come out of Sarah Palin's V.P. nomination. When Fey returned to her old stomping grounds, "Saturday Night Live," to skewer Palin, the show's ratings shot up by 49 percent. And on Sept. 21, when she won no fewer than three Emmys, Fey gave the most inspiring acceptance speech I've ever heard.

You'd think, with so much going on, Fey would be tempted to rest on her laurels, at least for a month or two. Not so. This week comes word that she's writing her first book, which the New York Post reports will be a Nora Ephron-style essay collection.

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