Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Just a brief intro and some insight into my M.O.

Lack of foresight and planning on my part, has resulted in a hiatus at my parental unit's home in rural Iowa. Believe it or not, this is a bit of a change from where I've lived for the past 4 years, Houston, Texas. Houston was a bit of a mixed bag for me- met some wonderful people there, taught in a school where you really felt you made a difference, the food in the city was freaking fantastic, et al. But. I. Could. Not. Stand. The. Weather. Also, big bugs. HUGE. Also, my boss, for you Harry Potter fans, resembled in both form and function Dolores Umbridge from "Order of the Phoenix." So back to the Tall Corn State went I, resulting in large amounts of free time, and this blog. Currently working for my blessed mother, and psyched to be able to watch the Iowa State Cyclones on network TV. Go Cyclones!

The main concern of this blog is going to be popular culture, with brief forays into politics. I am an unrepentant Anglophile (music, books, writers, movies), so if the U.K. does not interest you, look elsewhere my friend. I also like American bands, too! (The Killers, and, God, there have to be more, huh)?

On a more L.A.- related note, I am positively obsessed with 2 TV shows- Alias and Veronica Mars. Obsessed to the point that I'm embarrassed about it. But that doesn't stop me from blabbering about them, ooo, noooo....

Current Favorites:
1. Paul Weller (Former Jam frontman- has new album out now)
2. Sugababes (Brit pop group- extremely catchy tunes)
3. Kaiser Chiefs (You should know who they are. Going to be huge)
4. The Stone Roses (Ahhh, the promise that they had once. Their "Very Best of" album is a must-own. Mani and Reni formed the best one-two punch of bass and drums since, pause for respect, John Paul Jones and Bonzo in Zeppelin)
5. Curb Your Enthusiasm (Best reason to get HBO around)
6. Franz Ferdinand (Mmmmm, Alex Kapranos)
7. Footballers Wives (On BBC America- like Desperate Housewives with soccer, cocaine, and way more sex- what's not to like?)
8. Sienna Miller (So your fiance cheats on you with the nanny, and you want revenge and you don't know what to do? You allegedly shag the NEXT JAMES FRIGGIN BOND, that's what you do. Mad respect, man. She deserves a black belt in vengeance, that one)

The Ick List
1. Jessica and Nick (Shut up, already. I don't care. My friends don't care. No one I know cares)
2. John Bolton (You'd think the Ambassador to the UN should, I don't know, not look like a damned walrus, but there you are)
3. People in vehicles with anti-choice bumper stickers that do not make their children wear seatbelts (You care until they actually enter the world, then you DON'T? Look, I don't care that you hate Roe v. Wade. In the name of all that is holy, put the kid in a car seat)

On another car-related note....
4. Those silhouettes of busty reclining women that idiots of all persuasions seem to have on their vehicles. I just want to ask these piles of crap, "Have those decorations ever, and I mean ever, resulted in any positive interaction with women?" To top off the classy factor, I saw some today that had the American flag on them. What a great guy.

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