Thursday, January 11, 2007


David Beckham is coming to America.

The 31-year-old English midfielder, weary of the politics and the lack of playing time in Spain with Real Madrid, today agreed to a five-year deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer and will join the team when his contract with Real expires on June 30. According to reports in the British news media, the deal includes salary and commercial opportunities worth $250 million.

You know what this means?

1. Many lovely pictures of David in American sports magazines. Hopefully in shorts. Or in a suit. Or shirtless.

2. Many lovely pictures of Posh's batshit crazy self in batshit crazy outfits in American gossip rags. Hopefully the outfits will contain some of the following elements: feathers, ruffles, weird pockets, inappropriate cleavage, or hats.


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