Monday, February 19, 2007


As a female who likes a drink or two, it really twists me when I see headlines cautioning women about the risks of drinking, because you might be "taken advantage of." However, you never see similar headlines cautioning men to not drink to excess because they might "take advantage of someone."

So I loved this-

Which clearly means the onus is on women to protect themselves. Sigh.

Some alternate headline suggestions:

Men warned to stop raping drunk women

Men warned of rape drink risk

Stop getting drunk and raping women, asshole

via Feministing


March to the Sea said...

Thanks for stopping over at my Forgotten Disc Friday blog. Anyone that comments on my blogs I try to come over and say Hi. I see you link to doves..i had a review and live show of theirs on FDF as week or so ago. Anyhow..hello..thanks and hope you'll come over again..i'll poke around here some.


Cygirl said...

Thanks, March. I loved the way that you broke down Second Coming, and your Doves review as well.