Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Heart Posh

Posh was by far my favorite Spice Girl, and I still adore Victoria Beckham. Yeah, I had a favorite Spice Girl. What's your point? Oh, alright, I loved Ginger. And Baby, too.

She was, by all accounts, not the most talented, yet she snagged a footie GOD, and has a profitable sideline in fashion design. And she should know fashion. MAJOR clotheshorse.

This interview with VB is totally adorable. She smiles and laughs, things that I didn't know she was capable of. And her interaction with the little boys is too cute. Again, she should know, as she has 3 little guys.

via Pop Sugar


Miss Odd Bee said...

I love this interview. Little Ant and Little Dec are hilarious and she does actually seem like a human instead of a fembot. I liked her here.

Cygirl said...

The toy shopping is what got me. That and her sorry footie skills.