Sunday, February 18, 2007


that La Moss was doing a collection for TopShop.

Indeed, the whole thing might have been something of a loss if Topshop hadn't chosen Thursday afternoon to unveil the first samples of their Kate Moss collection, which will launch on 1 May. Everyone was required to sign an agreement forbidding them from publishing a word about it until late April. 'But it will be a massive hit,' a loose-lipped editor assured me. 'Kate's stuff is gorgeous.' It seems that this season's London Fashion Week will be remembered mostly for the collaboration between a high-street giant and a supermodel with a magnificent and dubious reputation


queen bee said...

this may merit a special trip to london.

Cygirl said...

I'll say! Only the prospect of Boots (UK) products at Target and Walgreens are keeping me off a plane to LDN. That, and about a grand.