Saturday, February 17, 2007

"You're the whore!"

As you may have deduced, I truly enjoy badly-behaved celebrities of the not-shaving-my-head- in-a-desperate-cry-for-help form.

And as an unrepentant Anglophile, I particularly enjoy British badly-behaved celebrities. This article contains all of my girly favorites.

For example, La Winehouse-
Her adventures in vodka and rickstasy (her favourite drink, containing three parts vodka, one part Southern Comfort, one part banana liqueur, and one part Baileys) have landed her in the soup too many times to mention.
And Diamond Lil-
When asked last year how she would celebrate if her single "Smile" reached the top of the charts, Allen replied "gak" (grade A cocaine)
But don't forget Sarah Harding, my favorite Girls Aloud member (and she runs around with my Darling Mani, the bitch :)
Hard-drinking Harding, 25, who has been linked romantically with Calum Best of Celebrity Love Island fame, the T4 lothario Steve Jones, the Liverpool footballer John Arne Riise and the actor Stephen Dorff, is now in a "serious" relationship with the Daily Star showbiz columnist Joe Mott. But don't expect to hear the peel of wedding bells. "Love?" she said in a recent interview when asked about the nature of her relationship. "I think you mean lust."

And Charlotte Church, whom Americans know as the "Voice Of An Angel." Girlfriend can hang with the big dogs, y'all-

When Charlotte Church's ex-boyfriend, Kyle Johnson, sold stories about their sex life to a Sunday newspaper, the Cardiff singer dealt with him in her own, forthright way. Bumping into him in a nightclub, she said he was a "stupid little shit". He called her "a slut". She then punched him in the face, with the departing line: "You're the whore!

And the crazy aunt of them all, La Moss-
Perhaps the best example of Moss' hedonism is the 30th birthday party she threw herself in 2004, which ran with a suitable theme, the Beautiful and the Damned.

The drinking started at midday, where Kate and friends downed several thousand pounds' worth of champagne at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Then, the party moved on to a seventh-floor suite at Claridge's, where Kate changed into a blue evening dress and a £300,000 necklace - a personal gift from Louis Vuitton - and guests ate, among other things, 30lb of Beluga caviar.


queen bee said...

have you read about your boys today in radar? quite humorous

Cygirl said...

Well, if you drank that much booze, you'd need a bit of depuffing in the eye area;)