Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Oasis - Whatever/Octopus's Garden

In honor of My Beloved Noel, Our Kid and associated Oasis members receiving the Lifetime Achievement award at the Brit Awards today, presented by Ringo Starr, here's the brothers from Burnage at Knebworth Park on August 11, 1996.

With Big Brother singing the Beatles bit. I'm in fookin' heaven. My 21st birthday. Obviously, Noel and I are written in the Starrs. Hee hee.

"In my mind, my dreams are real"


Kazza said...

Good for Liam and Noel. They should win a Lifetime Achievement Award for being entertaining.

And I hope Russell was good tonight. He is sort of sexy in a gross you out sort of way. Not my type at all but I can't help but love him anyway.

Cygirl said...

Kazza, have you ever heard the interview with Noel and Liam that, IIRC, actually charted in the UK? It's available from iTunes, and is tewtally worth it. Seriously funny shit.

I find Russell attractive because I find British men with eyeliner irresistable. Bit skanky, but hey, I don't judge;)