Monday, February 26, 2007

The storm, part two

I actually left the house today (my day off) and ran into town for a while. There are trees snapped in half all along the road, and the storm fence (to prevent snow from drifting) along Hwy. 61 had collapsed in places. I kept thinking, "Chet's going to declare a state of emergency." And so he did. Thanks, Gov. Culver.

Most of my hometown* should get power back tomorrow, but the rural areas are especially hard-hit. There's a 2-3 mile stretch that might not get power back till several days into March. This includes my friend Jen and her hubby's dairy farm. And let me tell you, cows do not understand that the electric is out. I'm so glad they have a generator.

Y'all, it's Iowa at the end of February, and it's cold here. This is not good.

*My mom's flower shop avoided disaster. When the power went out in town, my dad went in and pulled all of the flowers out of the cooler and put them in the garage. In a few hours, the temp went from 36 degrees in the cooler to 45**. Again, not good. We were almost physically ill thinking about if this had happened at Valentine's Day.

**That still may sound cool, but believe me, flowers are picky little bitches who are constantly having hot flashes. You want that temp cooler than cool. Ice cold, if you will.


queen bee said...

just want you to know that i was playing razorlight's version of 'hey ya' when i read this. the irony is overwhelming.

in all seriousness -- glad to hear the fleurs are ok. we bees love flowers.

Cygirl said...

Thanks. It was actually scary, and I don't get real bent out of shape over non-tornado bad weather.

Razorlight covered 'Hey Ya?' No shit.

Miss Odd Bee said...

Ice can be eeee-vil! I remember seeing something like this in northern NY one year when we drove up. Insane!

Keep warm!

Cygirl said...

It's so bad that a school district about 10 miles away from my house- not going back until St. Patrick's Day. Most of the electric poles in that county? Knocked down. Those poor kids will be in school till July.

As I was driving uptown to get the mail today (about 5-6 city blocks), I counted 10 electric trucks, most with utility company names that I didn't recognize. I guess they're coming in from all over. Can't let us Iowegians freeze.