Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kasabian - Processed Beats - Glastonbury 2005

The sound isn't very good, but Thomas is totally looking like a tall Ewan McGregor here, and Sergio is shaking his shit all over the place. Which redeems the lack of quality sound.

Lovely, just lovely.


Kazza said...

You had to post this didn't you. I was trying to have a normal morning before I have to spend 3 hours in pre-school.

I might have to make Play-Doh Kasabians now.

Cygirl said...

You know that Captain, My Captain is my new Future Husband. Dimples, the tall factor, the adorable dorkiness, et al.....

But Serge, to paraphrase the words of the immortal Angus Young-

The boy's got rhythm. Shake your moneymaker, doll. Mama needs a new pair of Manolos.